Between the Lines Editorial turns 1!Hello fellow word nerds! We’re taking a break from writing tips and tricks for something super exciting. Between the Lines Editorial has officially been in business for one year!

It’s been a year full of learning opportunities, amazing client projects, and perhaps most importantly, self-discovery. To say thank you for coming along for the ride, I’m even hosting a giveaway, so be sure to check that out at the bottom of this post!

// Pre-Business Blog and Life

In 2016, I started Between the Lines Editorial as a writing blog where I could share writing advice and information from an editor’s perspective.

While still living in DC, I took on a few freelance clients. At the time, I was working in the proposal and business development industry for government contractors, doing mostly in-house editing and project management. While I enjoyed my corporate jobs, fiction editing was really what I wanted to do. After my first few clients, I knew I was onto something. My plan was to keep up my side gig for three or five years until I was ‘ready’ to start my own business.

To be honest, I’m not sure what ‘ready’ meant to me. I wanted to learn everything there was to possibly know about running a business.

However, when Boyfriend and I relocated to North Carolina in August 2017, the opportunity to take Between the Lines from a side gig to a full-time job and business presented itself.

I decided to take the leap, ‘ready’ or not.

// The First Year

As it turns out, I was ready, and I knew a lot more than I thought I knew.

That doesn’t mean it was easy, though!

Moving and deciding to start my own full-time business was a unique challenge. Just a few weeks after moving, I decided it was time to take the plunge and chase my dreams. I had a lot to figure out while setting up our new home. I won’t bore you with those particular details, but it involved a lot of paperwork, setting up an LLC, and finding a small business accountant.

So, what did I accomplish in my first year of business?

Well, I edited…

  • 43 books
  • 2,729,361 words

You can see some of those books over in my portfolio. Keep in mind that not every book I’ve worked on has been published.

truly enjoyed working with each client. Helping authors is a great privilege, and I love my job. 🙂

However, running a business isn’t just about metrics. Over this past year, I learned how to run a business, including:

  • How to file and pay monthly business and salary taxes
  • How to pay quarterly business taxes
  • How to manage business expenses and overhead
  • How to manage the ebbs and flows of editorial work

I also learned that doing things yourself can either save you money or it can cost you, big time.

  • I first filed for my LLC via LegalZoom, thinking that would be the easy way to go. Shortly after, I sought a local small business accountant, who advised me I could’ve saved SO much money by filing for my LLC in person at the county courthouse. I could’ve saved several hundred dollars doing it myself. Oops!
  • On the other hand, my accountant also told me I could save a lot of money by managing my books myself. It’s pretty simple math: money brought in vs. money spent. I pay my accountant to do my taxes for me, and that’s it!

Perhaps the most important lesson I learned over the last year was that where there’s a will, there’s a way. Starting and running your own business is not easy, regardless of what the Internet tries to tell you. Sure, setting up the website and filing for an LLC is easy, but running the damn thing? Not as easy as the Internet wants you to think.

Even with its challenges, running Between the Lines Editorial is the most rewarding and empowering thing I’ve done. Now, I’m pretty much convinced I can do anything. 😉 Well… almost anything!

On a lighter note, I attended my first event as an editor, and I met one of my clients. (Hey, Cait!) In-person networking is tough as an introvert, but I met so many nice people. Connecting with like-minded folks is a great feeling, and I’m looking forward to the events I’ll be attending in the second half of 2018.

// What’s planned for the next year?

Now that I’ve learned the ropes of running a business, I’ve set my sights on some bigger, long-term projects for the next 12 months.

Some of my planned projects include:

  • An online self-editing course
  • In-person workshops
  • A series of workbooks for authors

And, of course, I’ll continue working with my fabulous clients.

// Giveaway

But let’s be real: you probably aren’t here just to learn about my first year in business. You’re probably here for the giveaway!

To celebrate my first year in business, I’m giving away:

  • Two short story edits, up to 2,500 words
  • Four copies of my ebook, The Resourceful Writer’s Guide to Self-Editing

Two winners will each receive a short story copy edit, on a work up to 2,500 words. ($50 value)

Four winners will each receive a copy of my ebook. ($11.99 value)

A quick note: Winners will be chosen at random. Each winner will have 72 hours to respond to their email to claim their prize. If that person(s) does not respond, a new winner will be selected. Additionally, prizes may not be exchanged for the dollar value. If you don’t have a short story for editing, you can alternatively send me 2500 words of your choice. Winners are chosen randomly. Full giveaway rules are in the widget. 

Now that that’s over with, it’s time to enter!

To enter, simply enter your information into the widget below. This giveaway is open from August 14 – August 21. I will email the winners no later than August 23, 2018

Good luck, and thank you for making my first year in business a great one!


What I learned in my first year as a creative business owner and a small business owner

What I learned in my first year as a creative business owner and a small business owner

What I learned in my first year as a creative business owner and a small business owner