Hello, writer! It’s literally been years since I last posted about the reader favorite “writer’s notebook,” and I thought it was time for an update.

If you haven’t read the post on writer’s notebooks and how to get started, go check out that post!

// What is a Writer’s Notebook?

Quick refresher: a writer’s notebook is just a fancy term for a notebook you keep for your project, ideas, or anything else related to your writing.

That being said, there’s nothing to say that your writer’s notebook can’t be organized, colorful, or any other adjective you want to use to jazz it up.

// How to Keep Your Writer’s Notebook Organized

One of my favorite ways to keep my notebook organized is to divide it up into sections I know I’ll be using. I have a different section for my ideas, my research, my characters, etc.

If you’re a fiction writer, I highly recommend dedicating sections to your characters, world, and plot. Then your notebook also acts as a mini story bible.

You might also consider printing out pictures to go in your writer’s notebook! I’ve printed out pictures of my main characters and settings and put them in my notebook. Having that bonus visual is a nice reminder when I’m working on my project and struggling with details to add in.

Don’t be afraid to add color if that’s your thing, or even patterned washi tape to add borders, secure your pictures, or just add a little whimsy to your organization.

The above pictures are taken from my own writing notebook for my new adult fantasy project, and while I’m not that great at journaling or designing pages, you can see how versatile you get with your notebook!

// Get to Planning

Your writer’s notebook doesn’t have to just be for fiction, either.

You can use it as a journal or guide for your writing goals and projects. I keep track of my deadlines, critique group meetings, and word count goals in my notebook. I even track my revisions because I keep rewriting my current project!

// More Tools

Some of other favorite products to use in my writer’s notebook (and business) that keep me organized include:

You can find products like these at most local shops, so don’t be afraid to look around, try new things, and get creative with your notebook.

// The Write Plan Writer’s Notebook

If you’re interested in starting a writer’s notebook or want one that’s pre-organized for you, I designed one! The Write Plan is a guided notebook for fiction writers.

Categories include:

  • Writing goals (with a word count tracker)
  • Ideas and inspiration
  • Characters
  • Setting
  • Plot
  • Research
  • Revisions (with an editing guide)

The book is 8×10 inches, 134 pages, and each section has some guided worksheets/charts and tons of dot grid pages so you can organize the rest of each section however you want.

The Write Plan is available on Amazon and sells for $10.99 (USD) or whatever currency your Amazon market uses.

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// Your Next Steps

Tag me on social media with the hashtag #thewriteplan to talk all things writer’s notebook and organization tips for storytellers. I’d love to see how you use your writer’s notebooks (whether they’re actually The Write Plan) or not!

And don’t forget to grab your free download of how to get started with your writer’s notebook.