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Hey there!

I'm Hannah, an editor, author, and writing coach.

The only thing I love more than a large mocha with soy? Helping writers polish their stories and get published. I’ve been obsessed with stories since childhood and insisted I’d grow up to be an author. In high school, I actually enjoyed analyzing assigned readings. Once I got to university, I discovered my true calling: editing. That’s why I majored in English with a specialization in editing, writing, and media. Following graduation, I completed my graduate-level certification in editing and publishing. That passion led me to my current career: editing for writers like you. Over the past eight years, I’ve honed my skills through formal education, internships, corporate editing gigs, and freelance work. The best thing about being a freelance editor? Finally holding my clients’ published books in my hands!

You know you need to hire a professional editor or writing coach before you begin the path toward publication.

After all, writing is hard! Finding the right editor or coach for you can be even harder than actually drafting your book. There are deadlines and budgets to consider, not to mention simply finding someone who understands your vision for your project and career.

Having me on your team can put your mind to ease. Not only am I a formally trained and certified editor, but I offer a free sample edit or phone call before we work together so you can make sure I’m the right editor for you.

My Core Values


There are few things worse than never hearing from the contractor you hired. That’s why I provide weekly updates to every client.


Editors should be honest, but that doesn’t mean we’re negative. Kindness goes a long way in the creative process.


When I work with writers, I want to see them grow. I aim to teach every client at least one new thing before we finish our project.


Deadlines are important in publishing. I’m a master of time management and have never delivered a project late.

What I Believe

Since my very first editing internship in my freshman year of college, I’ve viewed editors as collaborators. My job is to help your work be the best version possible.

When you’re working toward publication, finding the right teammate is hard. Ready to join forces?

How Can I help you?

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Sometimes you need a DIY solution. Check out the Between the Lines Editorial shop for books, worksheets, and webinars.

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Whether you need an editor, a writing coach, or even help with your brand, I’ve got you covered with a full spectrum of services.

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Sometimes you just need a quick guide to get back on track. I write bi-weekly blogs for creative writers.

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