Hannah Bauman

Hannah is a professional writer and editor with a passion for helping others. When she's not editing a manuscript or blogging, you can find her exploring bookstores and restaurants in Raleigh, NC.

  • Writing Mental Health and Trauma in Fiction

    Writing Mental health & Trauma in Fiction | Between the Lines Editorial | how to write mental health in fiction, how to write about anxiety, how to write about ptsd, how to write about depression, writing tips, writing advice, themes to include in fiction writing, themes for novels, how to write about mental illness Writing…

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  • The Writer’s Nook Podcast Episode 16: Self-Editing and the Revision Process

    Self-editing can feel daunting, especially after completing a challenge like NaNoWriMo. Where do you start? What steps should you take? Hannah and Leah share their insight and best tips for managing the self-editing and revision process, applicable on anything from a novel to a short story. Be sure to follow us on iTunes, Spotify, Stitcher,…

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  • How to Make Novel Revisions Pain-Free

    Once you’ve finished your draft, it’s time to revise. Whether you’re staring at a 300-page manuscript or a 1500-word blog post, revisions can feel overwhelming. “How do I know I’ve revised enough?” “What if I still find a typo after I publish?” “Where do I even start?” All are valid questions, and I’m hoping this…

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  • How I Wrote My Novel in Less Than 3 Months

    Is it possible to draft a 100,000-word fantasy novel in less than three months? Short answer: yes, it’s totally possible! In my last blog post, I talked about how I wrote over 50,000 words for NaNoWriMo in November 2019. I’ve never won NaNoWriMo before, and this is the first novel-length draft I’ve finished for myself…

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  • A Book Editor’s NaNoWriMo Experience

    With the new month here (I’m writing this in December 2019) and the end of NaNoWriMo, I wanted to write about my experience as a book editor and writing coach taking part in this popular writing challenge. My Fiction Writing Background Before we get started, I think it’s important that you know where I’m coming…

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