Hannah Bauman

Hannah is a professional writer and editor with a passion for helping others. When she's not editing a manuscript or blogging, you can find her exploring bookstores and restaurants in Raleigh, NC.

  • Thinking of Your Story’s Setting as a Character

    Your story’s setting–the geography, city/town, culture, beliefs, traditions, etc.–is important. It grounds the story in a world readers can imagine and one your characters can interact with. The setting can further your story by helping or hurting your characters on their journey. So what does it mean to make setting its own character? How do…

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  • What Book Editors Will and Won't Do | Between the Lines Editorial

    What Book Editors Will and Won’t Do For You

    Working with an editor is a crucial part of the writing and publishing process. Book editors are there to help you make your manuscript the best it can be. Let’s break down what book editors can help with and what they don’t usually do. What will editors do for your manuscript? There are different types…

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  • Why You Should Revisit Your Writing Goals

    We all know writing goals are helpful. They give you direction and something to work toward. And when you know your destination, you can work backward to figure out what steps you need to take to get there.  But your goals don’t always serve you once you’ve set them. Maybe you’ve decided to change direction,…

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  • Three Tips for Writing Emotional Scenes

    We seek out fiction to experience an emotional journey with the characters. After all, how boring would it be to just walk through the action of a story without understanding the characters and exploring the human condition? But finding the line between authenticity, sufficient ‘showing,’ and nuance isn’t always easy. How do you tackle emotionally…

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