• The Best Free Tools for Writers

    There’s a lot writers need to do nowadays–create great graphics for sharing on social media, having an email newsletter, creating ebooks, and sharing professional images on their blog. But where do you begin? How do you achieve all of this without spending a ton of money? In today’s post, I’m sharing some of my favorite…

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  • How to Create Your Author Brand for the First Time

    “Branding” is the cool word lately, the thing everyone’s buzzing about online. Everywhere you look, it’s about building your brand, designing your brand, and being your brand. Obviously authors need brands, too! But I feel like sometimes the general advice about branding out there doesn’t really go into what authors need or want. I designed…

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  • Why You Need to Set Writing Goals

    Happy New Year! It’s officially 2019, and the new year always gets me excited and thinking about everything I want to accomplish. 2018 was a big year for me, both as a writer and a business owner. I want to continue that momentum in 2019, which is why this week’s blog is all about goals.…

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  • Why You Need A Story Bible For Your Novel

    Are you ever working on your latest writing project, and partway through the draft you can’t remember whether you gave that character blonde hair? Or what date something happened? Or what name you made up for a certain city the characters eventually have to get to? We’ve all been there! It’s easy to lose track…

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  • How Your Website Can Benefit from an Editor

    Open laptop on wooden counter with notebook and black mug

    Today’s blog is a little different. I spend a lot of time talking about advice for authors, whether it’s about novels or short stories or character development or all of the other fun things involved in fiction. But today, I want to focus on why clean copy matters for businesses and blogs and how an…

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  • Palaces from Paragraphs: Worldbuilding Advice from YALLFest

    Palaces from Paragraphs: Lessons from the YA Worldbuilding Panel at YALLFest 2018

    Where do you start when creating a world for your sci-fi or fantasy novel? Worldbuilding is an essential component of speculative fiction, but it can seem daunting. Earlier this month, I attended YALLFest 2018 in Charleston, SC (read all about it). One of the panels, titled “Palaces from Paragraphs,” featured prominent YA authors discussing worldbuilding.…

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