• Organizing a Blog Tour for Your Book Launch

    If you’re planning on publishing your book in the next few months, you need to start thinking about marketing. One easy and effective way to market your book is organizing a blog tour. Don’t forget to grab your free self-publishing roadmap at the bottom of this post! book launch, book launch ideas, book launch event,…

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  • Indie Publishing Roadmap: Your Author Platform

    Hi, writer! Welcome back to the Indie Publishing Roadmap series.  This week, we’re talking about building your author platform. If you haven’t read the other posts in the series, be sure to do so! *Don’t forget to grab your free self-publishing guide at the end of this post! Six Mistakes to Avoid on Your Author…

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  • Developing Your Novel’s Magic System

    An open book, string lights, and glowing moon | Developing Your Magic System by Between the Lines Editorial

    Magic is one of the defining characteristics of the fantasy genre. Whether your characters need spells to cast, can control the elements, or something else, your magic system can be as defined or loose as you want/need. Before we get into this topic, it’s important to remember that your way of creating a magic system…

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