The Writing Life

  • Gift Guide for Writers

    As the winter holidays approach, you may be wondering what to gift the writer in your life. Perhaps it’s the middle of the year but you need a gift for a writer friend. No matter when you’re looking for a present for a writer, and no matter your budget, here are some useful, versatile gifts…

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  • Four Ways to Overcome Fear as a Writer

    I know, it’s been a while since I posted on the blog! My last post was nearly ten weeks ago. I guess I’ve been busy. Between traveling to visit a friend in Atlanta for a publishing event, client work, and two hurricanes, it’s been a busy couple of months. I’m sorry for the delay! But…

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  • Between the Lines Turns One!

    Hello fellow word nerds! We’re taking a break from writing tips and tricks for something super exciting. Between the Lines Editorial has officially been in business for one year! It’s been a year full of learning opportunities, amazing client projects, and perhaps most importantly, self-discovery. To say thank you for coming along for the ride,…

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  • Author Interview: Michael Thompson, Indie Author

    I kicked off a short new series of author interviews earlier in June when I chatted with Samanatha Heuwagen. Lat week’s interview was with Katika Schneider, and this week, I’m talking to Michael Thompson, a fantasy author. I met Michael, author of World of the Orb, Winslow Hoffner’s Incredible Encounters, and the Chicken Boy series at RavenCon…

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  • Author Interview: Katika Schneider, Fantasy Author

    I kicked off a short new series of author interviews earlier in June when I chatted with Samanatha Heuwagen. This week, I’m talking to Katika Schneider, a fantasy author. I met Katika, author of The Afflicted Saga fantasy series, at RavenCon this past spring. She kindly agreed to answer my questions about writing, publishing, and…

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  • Book, tea cup, and fairy lights

    Author Interview: Samantha Heuwagen, Dawn Among the Stars

    Samantha Heuwagen’s debut novel, Dawn Among the Stars, released May 21st, 2018. A therapist, activist, blogger, and author, Samantha combined her feminist ideologies, mental health expertise, and love for science fiction to craft a compelling novel about life, love, and humanity’s place in the universe. The book, which tells the story of three young humans…

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