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  • The Basic Anatomy of a Developed Character

    The Basics of Creating Developed Characters | Between the Lines Editorial

    One of the main reasons I’m drawn to a book is because of the characters. Story and plot are important, but without developed characters to drive that story forward, a great plot is useless. Creating a complete character might seem easy, but there are various components that go into the character development process. Today, I’m sharing…

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  • Different Types of Editing Your Novel Needs

    You’ve finished your manuscript. You’ve drafted, revised, self-edited, and reviewed it again. If you’re looking to publish, the work doesn’t stop there—especially if you’re planning to go the self-publishing route. After all of your hard work, it’s time for professional editing! Editors aren’t just there to mark up your manuscript with a digital red pen.…

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  • Five Ways to Increase Conflict and Tension in Your Novel

    Tension and conflict are both key in storytelling. After all, with no conflict or problem–even a small one–is there much of a story? Where conflict is some kind of problem your characters are trying to resolve, tension is what keeps readers turning the page. If your conflict is the big battle, the tension is the…

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  • How Pain Kills Creativity for Writers

    Camera looks over a person's shoulder to show them reading a book. There is fruit and a cup of water as well.

    Hey, writers! Hannah here. This week, author and therapist Samantha Heuwagen is here to talk about how pain kills creativity. We’ve both seen more talk lately about how writers must suffer for their art. While pain and the human condition can influence the stories we write, neither of us thinks that “suffer for your art”…

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