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  • 12 Steps to Prepare for NaNoWriMo

    Person wearing a gold sweater and typing on a laptop | 12 Steps to Prepare for NaNoWriMo

    It’s that time of year again–it’s almost November! As we head into October and pre-NaNoWriMo season, you might be thinking about joining in on this year’s writing fun. (Or, if you’re reading this in spring or summer, you might be thinking about Camp NaNo!) NaNoWriMo can be fun, but it can also be a little…

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  • Common Instagram Mistakes Authors Make

    If you’re an author who wants to use Instagram to grow your audience, great! It’s one of the best social media platforms of 2020 according to Adobe. There’s a massive community of both readers and writers on Instagram, and it’s important that you’re focusing your attention in the right place. If not, your posts may…

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  • Indie Publishing Roadmap: How to Plan for Publishing on KDP

    Hi, writer! Welcome back to the Indie Publishing Roadmap series. If you haven’t checked out the other posts yet, but sure to do so. Also, grab your free self-publishing guide at the end of this post! On to today’s topic: preparing your book for self-publishing on KDP. KDP is Amazon’s publishing platform. The Basics Before…

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  • Developing Your Novel’s Magic System

    An open book, string lights, and glowing moon | Developing Your Magic System by Between the Lines Editorial

    Magic is one of the defining characteristics of the fantasy genre. Whether your characters need spells to cast, can control the elements, or something else, your magic system can be as defined or loose as you want/need. Before we get into this topic, it’s important to remember that your way of creating a magic system…

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  • The 5 Lessons My Beta Readers Taught Me

    Hello, writers! Hannah here. This week, author and editor Lewis Jorstad of The Novel Smithy is sharing his beta reader experience with us. These lessons are fantastic, and I hope they help you as you begin to self-edit! You can learn more about Lewis at the end of this post. Just a few months ago…

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