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    THANKS FOR SIGNING UP for creative writing advice and articles! Here are some other resources you might like… 01 CREATING A STORY BIBLE This blog post + freebie will help you organize all of the ideas that belong in your current WIP. Whether you’re a pantser, a plotter, or something in between, a story bible…

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  • Avoiding Info Dumps in Worldbuilding

    Fantasy and sci-fi writers are pros of worldbuilding. I mean, y’all are out here creating entirely new worlds and civilizations! It’s amazing. But there are also limitations to how much worldbuilding you can show in one book and things you want to avoid. One thing to avoid? Info dumps. We’ve all heard that term; maybe…

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  • 52 Questions to Help You Develop Stronger Characters

    Characters, though fictional, are really just people you’re creating from scratch. They have complex backgrounds, personalities, desires, and relationships. But thinking about creating a whole complex person can be kind of intimidating. Answering a series of questions, starting with the basics and getting deeper over time, might help take some of the pressure off your…

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  • Self-Editing Workshop with Hannah and Sarah

    Set yourself up for self-editing success in 2022 Start your year and revisions off strong with Hannah & Sarah’s free workshop for fiction authors Sign up for the workshop Do any of these sound familiar? You feel like you spend hours trying to figure out how to approach your next round of self-editing. You want…

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  • One Page at a Time Writing Group

    Make time for your writing every week. Join pro editors Hannah & Sarah to keep your writing on track. Meetings every friday Introducing One Page at a Time Join a small group of writers as we commit to writing our manuscripts. We meet on Zoom (almost) every Friday at 12pm ET to write together for…

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