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  • The Novel Series Part VI: How to Write a Scary Villain

    Hello, writer, and welcome back to The Novel Series, a multi-part blog post series about writing novels and other forms of fiction. I’ll be posting at least one, if not two, blogs from this series every month until it’s complete. Catch up and read the previous posts: Part I: How Long Should Your Manuscript Be?…

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  • Making the Most of Your Writer’s Notebook

    Hello, writer! It’s literally been years since I last posted about the reader favorite “writer’s notebook,” and I thought it was time for an update. If you haven’t read the post on writer’s notebooks and how to get started, go check out that post! // What is a Writer’s Notebook? Quick refresher: a writer’s notebook…

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  • Why Indie Authors Need Beta Readers

    Writing can feel like a lonely endeavor, especially when you’re up before the sun to get words down before work or staying up late after your partner and kids have gone to bed. But writing isn’t meant to be a solitary profession. Authors signed with publishing houses have teams behind them–an agent, a few editors,…

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