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  • How to Make the Most of a Writing Conference

    Conferences are great for any industry, and that goes for writing and publishing too! I’m heading to RavenCon 2019 in just a couple of days, and that got me thinking about how to make the most out of conferences whether you’re new to writing or an industry veteran. Here are my top tips for making…

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  • The Write Plan: A Guided Notebook for Fiction Writers

    The Write Plan is a guided notebook for fiction writers who want to organize their ideas on paper. Whether you’re writing short stories or novels, this journal covers the basic things you need to know for each story, including characters, setting, and plot.

    The journal is broken down into 7 sections, including:

    • Goals & Deadlines
    • Ideas & Notes
    • Characters
    • Setting
    • Plot
    • Research
    • Revisions

    Each section contains guided sections, which may include tables or worksheets, as well as plenty of dot grid pages for adding your own additional notes, ideas, and whatever else you want to keep track of for your story!

    The Revisions section includes a list of self-editing and revision tips, too.

    The notebook is 134 pages and provides you with both guidance and room for creativity as you move forward in planning your next fiction piece.

    Happy writing!

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  • Instagram Story Bible Landing Page

    Free Template Grab your story bible template to get organized & start writing! A story bible is the perfect way to organize all of the details of your project from characters to places to magic systems. Sign up below for your free template to get started!

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  • The Writer’s Nook Podcast Ep. 2: What’s in an Idea?

    In this episode, Leah and Hannah break down the basic parts of your fiction story, including the stage, the characters, and the conflict. These three things will make a seed that will grow to become your story. Without a balanced idea, you will find your story struggling. Listen to find out more! Be sure to…

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  • Creating a Style Sheet for Your Novel or Blog

    Creating a Style Sheet for Your Novel or Blog | Between the Lines Editorial

    Whether you’re writing for your blog or your latest novel, you probably have preferences about certain elements of your writing. Maybe you love the Oxford comma. Maybe you have an alien language you need to keep track of. Maybe it’s both! Keeping track of those stylistic things makes life a lot easier as you begin…

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