The Order of the Lily Series by Cait Ashwood

Books in this series that I worked on include:

  • Book 2: Order of the Lily
  • Book 3: Children of the Lily
  • Book 4: The Watchers

You can find the books on Amazon.

About the Books

From Book 2, Order of the Lily:

Survivor. Mother. Leader.

Audrey struggles to adapt to life after surviving the attack on the Institute. Living on the run with her twins, she manages to stay ahead of their pursuers–barely. Fate comes calling when Audrey is asked to interrogate a prisoner of war, and the woman reveals the Order Audrey has been fighting to restore was never truly gone in the first place. They’ve spent the last sixty years under the heel of a man named Zaddicus, withering away in captivity.

The Seeker’s numbers are down and planning a rescue mission is daunting at best, but Audrey’s determined to let nothing distract her. Not her babies. Not their father, Ace. And especially not Hound, the tainted Seeker she marked with her intimately protective magic. Before it’s all said and done, Audrey will have to face the hard truth that sometimes you must choose between your duty, your family, and yourself.

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