Books in this series include:

  • Book 1: A Queen’s Trust
  • Book 2: Royal F*ckup
  • Book 3: Lesser Victory
  • Book 4: Conflict of Interest

I worked on all four books in this series. You can find The Panthera Chronicles on Amazon.

About the Books

From Book 1, A Queen’s Trust:

When you’re a queen in the middle of a war, you take your lovers to-go.

Andi has been fighting since the day she took the throne, desperate to keep the neighboring Lions from taking any more of her clan’s territory. Every day they come back with fewer fighters, each one a dear friend. Love isn’t on her radar right now. She picks up her flavor of the evening and that’s how she likes it: hard, fast, and gone in the morning.

Troy grew up a Panther in Tiger territory and has been searching for a place to belong his entire life. All he knows about Andi is that she’s hot, clever, and the first Panther he’s ever met. He has questions only she can answer, and a little girl whose life depends on them finding a safe haven. Too bad he got ghosted.

With the war spiraling out of control, Andi needs reliable people at her side to navigate the political hell-hole threatening to swallow them all. A foreign king’s forces could save her people, but his price is one Troy isn’t willing to let her pay.

He won’t let her slip through his claws a second time.

(Mockup above via CoverVault)