The Starless Series by Samantha Heuwagen

Books in this series include:

  • Book 1: Dawn Among the Stars
  • Book 2: Fading Starlight
  • Book 3: Stardust Emerging
  • Book 4: In the Wake of Stars

I worked on all four books in this series. You can find The Starless Series on Amazon.

About the Books

From Dawn Among the Stars:

Three Humans, an intergalactic conspiracy, and a battle to save Earth.

From 2019 Georgia Author of the Year Nominee (First Novel) and 2019 James Tiptree Award Nominee Samantha Heuwagen, Dawn Among the Stars examines what it means to be human in this multicultural space romance.

The Reluctant Ambassador. Kayin Aves’s everyday life becomes complicated when the La’Mursians, an alien race focused on unity, come out of hiding to build a diplomatic relationship with Humanity. After a second alien race attacks Earth unprovoked, Kayin finds herself both entangled in intergalactic politics and drawn to the Prince of Selucia with alluring lavender eyes. Now, Kayin has to fight for Earth’s future without letting her heart get in the way.

The Misguided Do-Gooder. Henry Rickner wishes he could take back all of his mistakes, including letting the love of his life go before the attack on Earth. Within the chaos of war, he tries to reunite with those he holds dear and atone for everything he’s done up until this point.

The Stubborn Survivor. Melissa Pebbles only has one goal: to keep her family alive during and after the attack. While she fights to keep her loved ones safe, Melissa learns that family is more than just blood. The first member of her expanded family unit? The mysterious La’Mursian who has decided to help Melissa and the Pebbles clan survive intergalactic war.

Can these humans trust their new allies or will they lose the only home they’ve ever known?

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