Books in this duology include:

  • Book 1: Sentinel’s Rise
  • Book 2: Watcher’s Reckoning

I worked on both books in this duology. You can find the books on Amazon.

About the Books

From Book 1, Sentinel’s Rise:

A woman who lost it all. The demon horde who took it. A brooding Watcher who must convince her to fight. Her choice decides humanity’s fate.

Sara, a homemaker and ex-Federal agent, watches in horror as civilization’s strongest and most capable governments fall to a series of rogue attacks. An unknown enemy has destroyed the world’s major cities using bombs laced with a devastating biological agent. The worst part? Her husband and daughter both die, upending Sara’s quiet life in rural Wyoming. Millions lose their lives, leaving Sara with only two options: Fight the enemy soldiers that will surely come for the survivors or hide and hope they pass her by.

The Council of Light discovers the evil mastermind behind the attack on the world’s largest cities, and it isn’t human. Their timeless battle against the Overlords and their demonic army has finally reached a breaking point. Darian, the Council’s Watcher, must now convince his Sentinel to take her place among the warriors fated to defeat the demons, a destiny she knows nothing about.

Will Sara have the courage to accept her destiny and save humanity, or will the demons finally take over the world?

Embrace the latest harrowing fight that started with the Light in the Darkness Series. While reading the first series isn’t mandatory, it’s certainly recommended so you can meet the characters and battle the Overlords with them from the beginning.

(Mockup above via CoverVault)