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Do any of these sound familiar?

You feel like you spend hours trying to figure out how to approach your next round of self-editing. You want to do a thorough job, but you also want to be efficient when editing.

When you do finally sit down to start self-editing, you aren’t actually sure if you’re looking for the right things. You know it can be hard to be objective, but there also has to be a better way.

You know that working with a team—beta readers, a critique partner, and an editor—is an important part of the process, but you don’t know where to find these people or when to reach out.

What if you could...

Sit down with an editor and learn how they approach self-editing with their clients and for their own writing projects?


Self-Editing Success: How to Revise Your Manuscript

Join professional editors Hannah and Sarah to learn their best practices when it comes to all things self-editing.

By attending the workshop, you'll learn...

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Monday, January 10 from 8–9:30 pm ET

The Presentation

Hannah and Sarah will give you all the info you need.
8p–9pm ET


Have questions? Let's get into them!
9–9:30 pm ET

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Meet the Editors

Hi, I'm Hannah!

I’ve been editing professionally since 2011 and bring a wide range of editing experience with me. I’ve worked on everything from web content to business proposals to my favorite: novels. Since starting Between the Lines Editorial in 2017, I’ve helped over a hundred authors pursue their publishing dreams.

But I’m not just an editor; I’m a writer, too! I’m currently revising the first book in my New Adult fantasy series, and the second book is already partially drafted. I know writing can be hard, but I also know just how rewarding it is.

When I’m not editing or writing, I might be reading, playing tennis or video games, or rewatching some of my favorite shows.

Hi, I'm Sarah!

My path to editing wasn’t straight (but neither am I, so…). It began as a hobby eight years ago—beta reading for fan fiction authors—and became an obsession. I edited everything and anything my friends and family would let me. I finally decided to go back to school to learn about professional editing and here we are a year from graduation!

While in school, I edited for charities and academics alike. Now, I work with a team of editors to copyedit the Senate of Canada transcripts when they’re in session, and I work with incredible authors the rest of the year.

When I’m not at my computer agonizing over words, you can find me agonizing over words while reading, writing, and working out.

Sign up today to secure your spot!

The workshop is limited to 25 writers; sign up before space runs out.

Frequently Asked Questions

No! This is not a critique group. We’ll be teaching you best practices and tricks for self-editing that you can then take with you to continue working on your own.

Because we’re limiting the Q&A portion to about 25 minutes, and because of the nature of the presentation, we can’t answer specific, detailed questions about your manuscript. That said, you can ask about best practices, self-editing, and more general questions about your manuscript.

No problem! You’re welcome to join us no matter what stage of writing you’re at.

That’s our goal! We will provide a replay link to attendees within a few days of the workshop.

While we won’t be editing anything from attendees during the presentation, if you’re interested in working with either of us in the future, we’ll provide our contact information for you to reach out!

We are open to hosting this workshop again if there is enough interest from the writing community. Stay tuned!

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