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I help writers tell the story in their heart.

Writing is hard. Every great writer has someone on their team who they can rely on to help with the revision process. This partnership allows the writer to focus on what’s important: bringing their stories to life!

I can help you polish your story from plot to prose so that you can deliver the best version of your story to readers.




1. Contact Me

First things first: you’ve got to contact me! Submit a contact form via my Contact page and let me know what service(s) you’re interested in, the length of your manuscript, and the best way to contact you.

2. We'll Chat

I’ll get back to you within two business days.  We can discuss your project and vision by email or phone. If you’re interested in book editing or a critique, I’ll also provide a free 1200-word sample edit.



3. Book Your Project

Once we’ve talked and if you choose to work with me, we’ll choose a start date for your project. After that, I’ll send you a contract to e-sign and an invoice for your deposit. Once that’s all taken care of, we’ll get started!



Developmental Editing


You have a draft written, but the structure, plot, or characters aren’t working. Developmental edits examine your story, including your organization, plot, characters, pacing, narration, etc.

I use the comment feature to provide feedback directly in the document, showing you what sections need work and why. I’ll also provide a write-up detailing high-level problems you may want to address.



Copy & Line Editing


You’re happy with the structure of your work, and now it’s time to focus on readability to keep your readers engaged. Copy and line edits correct and smooth without changing your voice.

When copy and line editing, I examine your sentences not just for grammar and punctuation, but also structure, readability, passive voice, and more. I make changes directly in your document using the Track Changes feature in Word.





You’ve worked hard to revise your manuscript, and you’re almost ready for publication. You want a fresh set of eyes to look over the document for any errors that slipped through the cracks.

I’ll review your manuscript for any final grammar, spelling, and punctuation errors. When proofreading, I make changes directly in your document using the Track Changes feature in Word.





Your draft is complete, and now you want professional feedback. A manuscript critique is an analysis of your project and provides you with a roadmap for revising plot, structure, character arcs, and style.

Critiques are a budget-friendly way to receive professional high-level analysis of your manuscript. With a critique, you receive a separate write-up providing insight and suggestions for improvement.



Coaching & Consultations


Do you feel stuck? Do you need help navigating the publishing business? Do you want help identifying your goals or finding a writing-life balance?

Each coaching session is tailored to your individual needs and includes up to 5,000 words of editing. This service is totally customizable. Your wish is my command!



Author Services


Juggling writing with the administrative parts of authorship can be overwhelming. Services offered include:

– Newsletter ghostwriting
– Blog management
– Blurb writing/editing
– Author branding
– Project management



other important information


All new clients receive 10% off their first project (or 15% if they’re signed up on my email list)! Successful referrals earn both parties 15% off one project, and I offer the occasional discount via social media.

Payment Plans

Editing is an investment in your craft. That’s why I offer three different payment plans for clients on projects over $300. We can discuss this prior to scheduling your project(s) so you can get editing that fits your budget.



Custom Services

Don’t see what you’re looking for on this page? Send me an email via my Contact page and tell me more about your project, budget, and timeline. I’ll get back to you with more information about services to fit your needs.



what clients have said about between the lines editorial

  • I want to thank [Hannah] for [her] excellent comments and advice on the manuscript. [She is] an outstanding editor, and I feel encouraged to get at this at long last.

    And I love that Hannah is personable and accessible. You can ask her questions anytime. She just might be the best book editor I’ve worked with. Thank you, Hannah!

    – Judy Hopkins, author
  • I took BTL up on [her] sample edit consultation for my forthcoming book. The service was professional, and the sample given the utmost care and diligence. I will definitely be employing this service for a future project.

    – Nicholas Gagnier, author of the Olivia & Hale series and the Chronicles of Vee series
  • Hannah worked with me on developmental edits for my debut novel Forgotten Scars. She was very professional and personable. She made me feel very comfortable and made sure I understood what to expect from her services right off. She did the work quickly and was available for any questions I had afterward which was really helpful as a first-time author trying to get the lay of the land. If you are looking for someone who will take a clear interest in your work and give you honest feedback try out Hannah from Between the Lines Editorial!

    – Natalie J. Reddy, Author of Forgotten Scars
  • Finding Ms. Bauman was a miracle! After working with others that did not share my vision or passion for Science Fiction, she came into my life and changed it for the better. She works with your ideas and allows the creative process to happen with professional guidance and a collaborative approach. Ms. Bauman is kind in her remarks and constructive in her feedback. I couldn’t imagine working with a more caring and intelligent editor––she really knows her stuff! It’s been fun and informative to work with her and I have nothing but respect for her craft.

    – Samantha Heuwagen, Author of the Starless series
  • Hannah is simply amazing. Never late, always finishes on schedule, even if you throw her all sorts of problems. She’s great at catching even the little things, and not only does she catch grammatical errors, but suggests rewordings that can reduce passive voice use, and sometimes just little tweaks that make a sentence have so much more impact. At one point I was afraid I couldn’t afford to continue using her, but she’s proven time and again that I can’t afford -not- to use her.

    – Cait Ashwood, Author of the Order of the Lily series and the Shaman War series
  • I’m the Queen of Typos, I almost feel bad for Hannah, but she always gets the job done. She’s incredibly fast, and super accurate. She’ll fix your typos, clean up the grammar, root out style inconsistencies, and fix awkward phrases. If you aren’t working with her already, you should be. Hannah will polish your work and put the finishing touches on it so that your message takes center stage.

    – Eman Zabi of The Scribesmith
  • I’d become blinded by immersion into my own story. I sent the revised draft to Hannah for a Manuscript Critique—and happy I did. She’s a professional and sent me a report of her impressions along with my file highlighted with suggestions. She stayed in contact with me and continues to answer questions. Whoever said writing a novel is hard work, wasn’t lying. To have someone with Hannah’s experience guide you through the process, is invaluable to a writer at any level, but especially novice writers.

    – Ronnie Gunhouse, writer
  • As a non-native speaker, I always struggle with writing in English. Hannah helped me A LOT with proofreading materials for my business. She corrected my email templates and random pieces of text that I use on the site. Some parts she had to re-write completely to make them clear for native speakers and she managed to keep my voice. I am fully satisfied with her service and recommend it to anybody who needs help editing materials. The work was done very quickly, way before the deadline. The communication has been very quick and easy, I got answers to all my questions. Hannah even gave me some advice on how to improve my text. Totally recommended, Hannah knows her stuff!

    – Kristina Malidovskaya, founder of News in Slow Russian
  • Hannah has been a pleasure to work with! She is not only your editor, but your friend! I love that we clicked right from the start, helping me to bring down my defensive walls and really work on my book synopsis so that it is the best that it can be before I send it off to prospective literary agents. Hannah helped me define my tense in regards to a synopsis and strengthen my syntax for ease of reading. Hannah is always there to answer any questions you might have and works to create a unique support group with her clients. That level of interaction makes you feel special in a day and age where the internet can feel like a barrier to personal relationships.

    – Leah Davis, ghostwriter & author
  • Working with Between the Lines Editorial was such a pleasure as Hannah was extremely professional, friendly, timely, and flexible. I was amazed at how quickly she was able to edit the articles I sent to her and I found her recommendations to be very adequate and thorough. Hannah has an eye for detail and wonderful communication skills. She stayed in close contact with me, so she was able to respond swiftly whenever I had questions for her. I am also impressed with how well she was able to edit papers from non-native English speakers, which focused on various complex topics. I would definitely seek Hannah’s expertise again in the future and I am sure that others who seek her editorial skills for their projects will find working with her to be a delight!

    – Whitney Buchanan
  • I hired Hannah to do a critique for one of my books and couldn’t be more pleased with her professionalism, thoroughness and amazing personality. Her criticisms were helpful, and her suggestions made the book a much better version of itself. I would highly recommend her to anyone looking for an editor.

    – Yvette Bostic, fantasy author

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