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  • The Writer’s Nook Podcast Ep. 2: What’s in an Idea?

    In this episode, Leah and Hannah break down the basic parts of your fiction story, including the stage, the characters, and the conflict. These three things will make a seed that will grow to become your story. Without a balanced idea, you will find your story struggling. Listen to find out more! Be sure to…

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  • Five Things Editors Wish Creative Writers Knew

    I love working with creative writers; they’re so fun to collaborate with. Their plots, unique worldviews, and intriguing characters are what keep me loving what I do. You all rock and make my job so fun. I’m so lucky to have this as my career. However, as an editor, I’ve also received many of the…

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  • Handling Criticism as a Writer

    Sadly, life isn’t all sunshine, rainbows, and butterflies. I wish it were. But because it isn’t, that means as writers, we open ourselves up to criticism, both constructive and otherwise. If you’ve ever taken a working workshop, swapped manuscripts with a critique partner, or paid for professional editing, you know that edits–and even criticism–can get…

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