• Different Types of Editing Your Novel Needs

    You’ve finished your manuscript. You’ve drafted, revised, self-edited, and reviewed it again. If you’re looking to publish, the work doesn’t stop there—especially if you’re planning to go the self-publishing route. After all of your hard work, it’s time for professional editing! Editors aren’t just there to mark up your manuscript with a digital red pen.…

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  • What Book Editors Will and Won't Do | Between the Lines Editorial

    What Book Editors Will and Won’t Do For You

    Working with an editor is a crucial part of the writing and publishing process. Book editors are there to help you make your manuscript the best it can be. Let’s break down what book editors can help with and what they don’t usually do. What will editors do for your manuscript? There are different types…

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  • When Do You Need to Hire a Book Editor?

    Have you ever looked at your manuscript, nearly finished and almost ready for revisions, and wondered when you need to get in touch with a book editor? In today’s post, I’ll be breaking down when it’s best to get on an editor’s production calendar so that you can have a smooth editing experience. Your Indie…

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  • Why You Need a Manuscript Critique

    Manuscripts always benefit from having another set of eyes look it over, whether that’s in the form of a copy edit, a proofread, a developmental edit, or even a simple manuscript critique. Some editors might suggest not having your manuscript critiqued, and insist on developmental edits or copy edits first. After all, critiques are entirely…

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  • Five Things Editors Wish Creative Writers Knew

    I love working with creative writers; they’re so fun to collaborate with. Their plots, unique worldviews, and intriguing characters are what keep me loving what I do. You all rock and make my job so fun. I’m so lucky to have this as my career. However, as an editor, I’ve also received many of the…

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