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  • Camera looks over a person's shoulder to show them reading a book. There is fruit and a cup of water as well.

    How Pain Kills Creativity for Writers

    Hey, writers! Hannah here. This week, author and therapist Samantha Heuwagen is here to talk about how pain kills creativity. We’ve both seen more talk lately about how writers must suffer for their art. While pain and the human condition can influence the stories we write, neither of us thinks that “suffer for your art”…

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  • Writing Mental Health and Trauma in Fiction

    Writing Mental health & Trauma in Fiction | Between the Lines Editorial | how to write mental health in fiction, how to write about anxiety, how to write about ptsd, how to write about depression, writing tips, writing advice, themes to include in fiction writing, themes for novels, how to write about mental illness Writing…

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  • The Writer’s Nook Podcast Ep. 4: Mental Health in Fiction

    Author and therapist Samantha Heuwagen joins Hannah and Leah to discuss all things mental health in fiction. From the importance of representation to how to research and portray realistic mental illness in your fiction, Samantha tackles it all! Be sure to follow us on iTunes, Spotify, Stitcher, or wherever you get your podcasts. And if…

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