• Panels at RavenCon 14

    Back in November, I announced on social media that I’d be a panelist at RavenCon 14. I’m excited to share what I’ll be talking about with you! Friday, April 5th, 2019 Time: 6 pm / Panel / ModeratorTopic: Writing Women in Sci-Fi/Fantasy: From Damsels in Distress to Badass Warrior QueensDescription: Is writing women in the…

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  • RavenCon 2018 Roundup

    RavenCon 2018 RoundUp

    Hello! Can you believe itโ€™s almost the end of April? Just a few months ago, January felt like a year of its own, and now weโ€™re entering the fifth month of 2018. Life is busy, but that doesnโ€™t mean it isnโ€™t fun. Last weekend, I attended RavenCon 2018 both as an editor and a nerd.…

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