• Avoiding Info Dumps in Worldbuilding

    Fantasy and sci-fi writers are pros of worldbuilding. I mean, y’all are out here creating entirely new worlds and civilizations! It’s amazing. But there are also limitations to how much worldbuilding you can show in one book and things you want to avoid. One thing to avoid? Info dumps. We’ve all heard that term; maybe…

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  • Thinking of Your Story’s Setting as a Character

    Your story’s setting–the geography, city/town, culture, beliefs, traditions, etc.–is important. It grounds the story in a world readers can imagine and one your characters can interact with. The setting can further your story by helping or hurting your characters on their journey. So what does it mean to make setting its own character? How do…

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  • 6 Worldbuilding Basics for Speculative Fiction

    Six Worldbuilding Basics for Speculative Fiction

    This month’s blog post is devoted to worldbuilding basics. If you’ve poked around the site, or if you follow me on social media, you probably know my work focuses on science-fiction and fantasy novels. As a result, I spend my days immersed in other worlds and universes dreamt up by some amazing authors. Truth be…

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