Hannah Bauman

Hannah is a professional writer and editor with a passion for helping others. When she's not editing a manuscript or blogging, you can find her exploring bookstores and restaurants in Raleigh, NC.

  • When Do You Need to Hire a Book Editor?

    Have you ever looked at your manuscript, nearly finished and almost ready for revisions, and wondered when you need to get in touch with a book editor? In today’s post, I’ll be breaking down when it’s best to get on an editor’s production calendar so that you can have a smooth editing experience. Your Indie…

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  • Incorporating Subplots in Your Novel

    As an author, you want to create compelling, interesting stories, right? No matter what genre you write in, one important aspect of a compelling story is the subplot. What are subplots? Subplots are simply secondary storylines, and all forms of story have them. Novels, TV shows, movies, and even video games have secondary stories within…

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  • Creating Interesting Characters in Fiction

    Creating a new character(s) can be daunting. After all, the best stories feature engaging characters. They’re a crucial aspect of your story. Unfortunately, there’s no magic formula for creating characters your readers will love (or love to hate). There are both internal and external factors to consider that will help you create more dynamic characters…

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  • How to Prepare Your Manuscript for an Editor

    You’ve finished your manuscript and booked your editor. But what do you need to do before you send your draft off to your editor? A little disclaimer: This blog highlights general recommendations. Your editor may ask for other formatting, and if you’re sending it to an agent (very different than an editor), be sure to…

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